Cocos Creator 1.0.2 released!

Cocos Creator 1.0.2 released!

Hi Cocos Creator team.
I working on CC but i don’t found CheckBox. Do you help me solve this problem?

Hey so I tried to download Cocos Creator v1.0.2 but it’s not working.

I have a Mac OS X Yosemite v10.10.5 and I originally had Cocos Creator v1.0.0
I didn’t download Creator v1.0.1 but when I downloaded the dmg file and clicked to install it, it would save in my applications list but then when I clicked the creator icon to open/run the program I would get this:

Anyone else get this error message?

Hi @slackmoehrle , any news about release notes?

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@slackmoehrle Should updates not merit their own thread with a change log?

This thread is gunna get unwieldy after a few more updates :stuck_out_tongue: not to mention confusing to new comers as older comments are at the top following new release information.

slackmoehrle we need ad templates like vungle or chartboost.


Are these set for next release.! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please add option to download the latest creator version from the main panel itself without opening any project! I mean, if possible to update directly from dashboard.

Also, please convert this in english.(I am using english version still this is in different language)

Kudos for the new version :smiley: :smile:

Can someone please help me on this. I installed cocos creator because I was thrilled to hear of a 2d engine in C++ with decent UI support. But my entire IDE is in CHINESE! I opened the packages but I can’t find where the localizations are being applied, I tried sifting through the initial JS, and I even experimented with deleting and renaming the packages in the locales directory. Can someone please help me change the IDE language to english!

Where did you download from?

I downloaded from here:

Script editor is special, we need to load a very heavy third party lib to support code editing, it will be improved in future version, we want to embed directly VSCode in Creator.

We will add collider components very soon and physics components by summer

It’s not a priority task, we are only focusing on Mac / Windows because the team is pretty small, we don’t have extra resources.

You can build to a native platform and then use SDKBOX on it.

Click in Menu “文件” - “偏好设置” then choose language to English

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Thank you so much, I’ve spent more time than I want to admit trying to change it. Thank you! :slight_smile: b

I want my Cocos Creator project to track my own git repo of cocos2d-x. I tried creating a sym-link from /Applications/CocosCreator/…/Resources/cocos2d-x to my cocos2d-x git repo, but that had problems with the “cocos new” command.

In a separate attempt, I also tried sym-linking the project directory’s cocos2d-x after the project had been created, but that had linker errors with some undefined symbols from a physics library.

I think it would be useful to specify the cocos2d-x location… and I notice that it IS an non-editable path in the Creator Preferences. Is it planned to make this editable soon?

It’s because we use a customized version of Cocos2d-x which have some essential modifications to suit Creator’s need, you can manually apply your modifications into the one we provided, later we will start using this repo for creator, you can fork it to stay updated for your customized version.


Great, thank you! Yesterday I configured VS Code and it works great.

I’m loving Cocos Creator and I really appreciate all the Cocos team work. I wish that I could help more, but I’m afraid that I don’t have the time and knowledge, so at least I want to test it and provide feedback. I hope that Cocos Creator and its community become bigger and better :wink:


From the Cocos2d-x lite repo:

It is based on cocos2d-x[version 3.9], but remove 3D and other features. It works on iOS,OS X,Android and Windows.

The major change:

  • Remove 3D features
  • Sprite3D
  • Skybox
  • Terrain
  • Light
  • Navmesh
  • Physics3D
  • BillBoard
  • Animate3D
  • Bundle3D
  • MeshSkin
  • etc…
  • Only support iOS,OS X,Android and Windows.
  • Remove support for LUA script(It’s temporary)
  • Remove deprecated classes and functions
  • Remove Camera
  • Remove Physics integration
  • Using FastTileMap instead of TileMap
  • Remove C++ implementations of CocoStudio parser
  • Remove C++ implementations of CocosBuilder parser
  • Remove AssetsManager,AssetsManagerEX
  • Remove Allocator
  • Remove AutoPolygon
  • Remove support for WebP,S3TC,ATITC
  • Remove support for game controller
  • Improved robustness and many bugs have been fixed

I’m a bit concerned because:

  1. I liked Cocos2d-x’s compatibility with Windows Phone and future
    compatibility with game consoles.

  2. 3D features were also getting good, even for games that weren’t
    all in 3D it was nice to be able to add some 3D elements.

  3. The game controller support was also something important for
    desktop (and even mobile, to be compatible with controller

  4. AutoPolygon feature was a very nice optimization option for fill rate.

  5. The camera compatibility is not that important, but some project might need it in some way. I suppose that you can always build a native project and add the needed code there, but then the best feature of Cocos Creator disappears, which is coding once (in JS) and having a game that runs on (almost) everything. What about other sensors (microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc.)?

Will Cocos Creator have these features in the future? If not, I suppose that a project with those needs can always be done in Cocos2d-x instead, but I was hoping Cocos Creator to become as good as Cocos2d-x, with lots of options and compatibilities.

I’m sorry if this message sounds mean. It isn’t my intention at all. I just want to have all the possible information about what Cocos Creator will and won’t be before making important decisions.

Thank you!

I’m having this issue after deleting from Applications and trying to open after a fresh download. I did this because… CC seemed to hang on logging in and then did not seem to load after a force close and try again. Have you found a solution?

Yes we removed many things in Cocos2d-x to make it lite. The real target to make it lite isn’t about the package size, what we want is a cleaner engine so that we can easily craft on it. Cocos2d-x isn’t designed for an editor like Creator, we want the lite version to be driven by needs of Creator, whatever feature we add into the lite version, it will be editable in Creator. To accomplish this, we start by removing things, then we will redesign things to be editor friendly.

Other things like 3D feature and auto polygon are removed because we want Creator to have a modern rendering pipeline which is a very important task currently. We will rebuild 3D features and auto polygon based on the new pipeline.

Compatibility and platform support is really expensive, we don’t have the resources to move fast with all the restrictions, that’s the reason we use cocos2d-x-lite repo.

Don’t worry, the two repo will share many improvements, but serve for different purpose and different user needs.


So, it’s because of that. That’s a very good approach! Then I suppose that I’ll continue using both Cocos2d-x and Cocos Creator, but I’m loving Creator so much that I wanted to completely switch to it. Time will tell!

Thank you for your transparency and implication with the community, as always :blush: And again, thanks to all the Cocos team for such a hard work!

Hey, good work with the editor. I still hope you will open some issue for community on github @pandamicro ))

It seem that there is a bug in the new release - i can not quit the Cocos Creator dashboard. I hold on the icon, press quit in the popup menu and… and nothing happens, the dashboard is still running. I tried to kill it using Activity Monitor - it did not work either. So i only managed to kill it via terminal.

I use MacOSX 10.11.14.

Thank you!

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