Cocos create switch scene too much hanging

Cocos create when i am using testing in web browser switch working too much proper but i made android build and test its take too much time to change scene its look like hanging device.

i am using cc.director.loadScene(“scenename”); for changing scene.

if anyone solve then help me to solve out before i am using cocos2dx but i am never face this issue.



I’ve also experienced this since CC3. Even in latest 3.5.1 the scene swap loading times are really long, even if the scene is preloaded!

I think Cocos Creator Devs are aware of this since I’ve seen some scene loading time tests on github issues, but I also think this needs to improve heavily, especially if a scene is already preloaded it should swap instantly.

which version of creator are you using?

i am using cocos 2.4.8 @Ronsku using 3.5.1 .

i am also try preloaded still have same issue. take time load new scene

The loading speed depends on the phone you are testing and the complexity of the scene, the performance on the web browser is better than the phone.

i am testing in iqoo Z5 phone with 12GB ram and snapdragon 778G ocata core.

still taking too much time to load. even i test in lower GB ram both getting same time to load new scene.


I have created a feature request regarding this

I have also discussed this previously in this performance ticket

Is is an issue currently, how slow the scene swapping is

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