Cocos Code IDE 1.0.1 release!

Hi all,
We are excited to announce that Cocos Code IDE 1.0.1 is now available for downloading, Finally!

The previous version of Cocos Code IDE was released about 6 weeks ago, we loved all the feedbacks from all of you, and based on your feedbacks, we released a new version of Cocos Code IDE with numerous new stuff as well as bug fixes!

What’s New?

  1. IDE Localization

    Cocos Code IDE UI language can be switched to English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. You can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

  • Xcode 6 iOS simulator support

    Cocos Code IDE support debugging on Xcode 6’s iOS simmulator, please feel free to upgrade Cocos Code IDE and Xcode.

  • Enable “Open Declaration”

    From this version, you can find the declaration of functions or variables easily, all you need to do is hold COMMAND key(CTRL key on Windows OS) and click the function or variable.

  • Linking files/directories support

    Using this feature, project can use resources stored outside the project, it means projects can share the script code and resources without maintaining them in different places.

  • New file uploading filter

    When debug on android and iOS, IDE will upload resouces of project(excluding frameworks and runtime directory, and other files and directories start with dot) to runtime’s writable path, now you can custom your own filter rules.

  • Lots of bug fixes, for the full change list, please click here

More infomation

We love your feedbacks, please tell us by posting them on the Code IDE Forum, we will get back to you speedily. Thank you!

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Hello everyone, we have just launched our Cocos Code IDE video tutorial series

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is there plans for C++ support?

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We hope so :smiley:

Is there a chance of providing a Linux version of Cocos Code IDE, please?

Hi all

Where is Cocos Ide now?
I can find only cocos studio (((

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From what I can tell the plan is for CocosStudio to eventually include an editor. But, I’ve not heard anything for quite a while now.

@slackmoehrle do you know the current situation with recommended scripting editors/debuggers?

So, I think the plan is to fold IDE into Studio as a completely new editor, based upon Electon (formally the Atom Shell).

IDE is part of the Cocos product. Download Cocos instead and it will have everything:

I have downloaded Cocos, I use it for CocosStudio which is becoming more and more awesome with each release by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

However unfortunately I’m struggling to find the download for Cocos IDE in the store. I’ve tried searching “ide” but all it gives me are the frameworks. I’ve looked under the tools heading where I’d expect it to be too, no luck.

Hm, when I installed Cocos, IDE was installed automatically. I didn’t have to go download it or anything.

Ah, I do have 2.0Beta installed (I use a custom install of v1.2). It seems to be listed in my downloads though in Cocos itself, which implies it was installed via the store. I’ve the option to delete it, and if I do I assume I’d have to reinstall Cocos to get it again?

Yes, I think you need to uninstall and re-install the newest version.

I want to share my opinion. I would like to know if I’m the only one in this situation.

We are halted into cocos2d-js 3.6.1. The reason is Remote Debugging and Live Coding of Cocos Code IDE 1.2 are essencial features for a productive work:

I’ve looked for solutions to use them on cocos2d-x 3.7 and 3.8, but they didn’t work:

Are you going to add Remote Debugging and Live Coding in the new IDE?