Cocos build on server doesn't load latest version

When I update my Cocos build to a server, and run it from the browser, it tends to load the older version of the build even if I refresh it. I am using Cocos Creator v2.4.3

I know of two methods to ensure that it will always load the latest version:

  • append string to url (but will show loading screen twice since I change the url in onLoad())
  • use browser incognito mode OR clear browser cache

I can ask engineering for their thoughts.

Hi, is the md5 ticked in the build panel?

Try to create a sub-folder, upload your build folder there and load the index.html from there. If you can see the latest version, then, this is not Cocos’ problem.

Perhaps, your web server/cdn is caching files or you are behind a proxy server (eg: CloudFlare).

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