Cocos-BCX TestNet Officially Goes Live

Cocos-BCX TestNet Officially Goes Live


  • Three games and a props trading platform were launched.
  • Developer Program and Blockchain Game Open Day ar e available for participation.

Today (Dec 21, 2018), Cocos-BCX TestNet is officially launched, with three third-party games developed based on Cocos-BCX and a props exchange platform going live at the same time. The three games are Orion Shooting and Tyche developed by Orion Group, and Happy Fruit by Fame Game. The props trading platform is GPEGame Props Exchange .

Above games and exchange platform can be visited on Cocos-BCX official website “community” sub-page ( site: English version to be released later). Along with theTestNet launch, Cocos-BCX has started the Developer Program to help developers advance together with the project, and to promote the industry development of blockchain gaming.

Icons from left to right: Orion Shooting, Tyche, Happy Fruit, GPEGame Props Exchange

Three Games and A Props Trading Platform Were Launched

Airplane shooting games once opened an era that quickly transferred traffic from computer to mobile. Regardless of other factors, airplane shooting games have good gaming experience for direct visual sentiment and timely feedbacks.

Orion Shooting is a shooting game developed by Orion Group. In the game, player controls his own airplane and can gain rewards by continuously shooting down “enemy’s” airplanes, in this way to upgrade his airplane and eventually defeat the final BOSS!

In Orion Shooting , player has to pay a certain amount of tokens to start each game. Player can constantly gain tokens during the game, and stands a chance to get “bombs”. By using bombs it cleans up all the enemies (except the BOSS) and bullets under the current scene. All bombs are assets based on blockchain and can be traded freely among players. Besides, the bombs can be transferred and circulated across different games under the same worldview.

Players can equip their airplanes with weapons and pilots. Equipping the airplane during the game can improve its attack power greatly. Weapons can be gained from lucky draw or purchased on Cocos-BCX marketplace. The weapons can be enhanced by executing the enhancement contract, which ensures the transparency and fairness of success rate. By appointing pilot during the game, it improves the airplane’s survival rate significantly. Pilot can also be gained through lucky draw or be purchased from Cocos-BCX marketplace.

The lucky draw system of Orion Shooting is achieved through a set of contracts on blockchain. Executing the contracts will charge a certain amount of fees. The contract calls the internal source randomness process to provide random results on blockchain for the lucky draw, and it determines the final prize in this way.

Happy Fruit is an arcade game. The game interface is a big square composed of nine boxes that each contains a kind of fruit. Player can use tokens to select bet target. By clicking Start, the boxes begin to roll, and blockchain starts to process the random number verification. If the obtained random number matches the rewarding rules, the player will receive relevant rewards in tokens.

Tyche is a game that supports multiple-player competing online.

The props trading platform is developed based on Cocos-BCX JS SDK, within which game marketplace, wallet, order system, and game entrance gateway are all integrated. On this platform, players can freely choose their favorite games and enter the relevant marketplace to purchase/sell the props (avatars, maps, treasure boxes, etc), and direct deposit and withdrawal are allowed. The props market is also an important communication platform where players can discuss gameplays and tactics etc within the community.

Developer Program and Blockchain Game Open Day

With TestNet launched, Cocos-BCX will invite globally 30 game development teams to join testing. These 30 teams will have exclusive technical support from Cocos-BCX, and will enjoy prioritized support in launching and promoting their games on Cocos-BCX. Outstanding candidates will stand a chance to receive funding from Cocos-BCX.

There will be more spots open up for testing in the following months to more game developers worldwide. Please follow our official social media channels for future updates .

Besides, Cocos-BCX will regularly hold Blockchain Game Open Day , a workshop at which experts including Reed Hong, chief technical expert and chief programmer of Fishing Joy 3 will attend and share their insights on Cocos-BCX and blockchain game development, etc.

First Cocos-BCX Blockchain Game Open Day will be held on January 12th, 2019, and the second on January 19.

Please stay tuned with our official channels for updated details .

Committed to “ building the next generation of game economy ”, Cocos-BCX will host events including Developer Program and Blockchain Game Open Day to help traditional developers quickly learn and apply blockchain technology and help blockchain game developers accelerate the advancement. Cocos-BCX ‘s mission is to empower the gaming industry with tools including NHAS-1808 Standard to reduce the entry bar from infrastructure and economic models perspectives, to increase industry opportunities, to boost industry prosperity and to push forward development and innovation of blockchain gaming industry.

Welcome to follow all our channels to keep updated on more progress.

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