Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — November 2018

Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — November 2018

November is an important month to Cocos-BCX . We have made comprehensive progress during this month.

Below we share with our community the Cocos-BCX month report for November, 2018.


  • Core Technical Progress:Eight technical items were completed and another eight are ongoing.
  • EcoPartnerships: Cocos-BCX reached cooperation with Ontology, Zilliqa, TRON and NEO.
  • Team Expansion: 4 new core members joined Cocos-BCX team.
  • Offline Events: 2 workshops (held in Wuhan and Beijing) .
  • Media Reports: 12 articles and regular daily expresses .
  • Award: Cocos-BCX founder was awarded “Top 10 Innovators” in Sina Game 2018 Annual Innovation Awards of Gaming Industry.

01. Technical Progress


  • Added hash algorithm to contract.
  • Added assets freeze interface to contract.
  • Partially optimized of in-chain data structure.
  • Modified storage mode of plaintext contract code.
  • Adjusted sandbox IO to solve multi-variates pollution problem of the contract.
  • Singly handled exceptions of virtual machine.
  • Optimized call convention of the contract.
  • Adjusted smart contract system to allow access to other users’ data in the smart contract.

In Progress

  • Added task framework and assorted permission validation mode.
  • Optimized trading mechanism.
  • Optimized registry logic.
  • Adjusted registration method of contract chain function called by contract.
  • Adjusted registration method of the contract function called by the chain code.
  • Reduced running redundancy of contract VM to improve overall efficiency of the contract
  • Designed timing op framework and added timing task.
  • Improved contract support for non-homogeneous assets and deeply extended logic of rental and mortgage.

02. EcoPartnerships

  1. Following partnership with GAM, a company incubated by 5173(a game asset trading platform) on the collaborative promotion of BCX-NHAS-1808 Standard , Cocos-BCX reached agreement on strategic cooperation with other partners including Ontology, Zilliqa, TRON and NEO to integrate NHAS-1808 Standard with these public chains. Homogeneous assets standard integration with Ontology has been partly done. Crosschain transfer of homogeneous assets is now enabled via Cocos-BCX exchange gateway. Ontology will continue to collaborate with Cocos-BCX to accelerate the development of blockchain gaming, to facilitate more real world adopted applications and to lead the industry development.

  2. Cocos-BCX and TRON reached an agreement to implement Cocos game engine on TRON network and to promote TRON blockchain game program within Cocos developer community. The collaboration is to support TRON’s newly established fund dedicated for blockchain gaming, as well as the “TRON ARCADE” developer program. The news attracted active attention from Cocos community developers after release. Both projects expect to co-build and prosper the blockchain game ecosystem through the collaboration.

03. Team Expansion

In November, 4 senior members joined Cocos-BCX team, they are: Reed Hong,Chief Technology Expert, Caterina Zhang, Executive Director, Alvin Huang, Operating Director of Chinese Community, Xiangyu Wang, Marketing Communication.

This update announced only the executive members. All departments are continually recruiting talents, including blockchain engineer, product manager, product intern, front-end engineer, PHP&Python, Dev Ops, IOS engineer, product operator, game UI designer, numerical game designer, Copywriter, we-media operator, community operator, etc. There are 35 vacant positions in total.

If you have interest, you are welcome to send email to,

04. Events

Online Events:

As November was the month of Thanksgiving, to thank our community supporting us all the way, Cocos–BCX launched 2 rounds of cash red envelope rewards activities.

The 2 rounds of Cocos–BCX Thanksgiving Rewards, Cash Red Envelope Await You were successfully concluded on November 23. With Cocos-BCX community’s strong support and enthusiasm, around 600 lucky birds received cash red envelopes.

Offline Events

  1. During the Cocos China Tour Salon , Kevin Yin, Cocos-BCX Chief Technology Advisor made the latest technical demonstration and introduced the NHAS-1808 Standard at the Wuhan and Beijing workshops, as well as several blockchain games under alpha test on current Cocos-BCX testnet.

  1. On Dec 4(SF time), Cocos-BCX held a meetup in San Francisco themed “The Future of Blockchain Gaming” . This is Cocos-BCX ’s first meetup in the States. Guest speakers from Ox, Rarebits, and Bitski joined the panel and shared their insight on “ Gaming Economies & New Business Models Non-Fungible Assets Enable” Cocos-BCX gathered with partners worldwide sharing viewpoints on current status of the industry and the progress Coco.

External Events:

  1. On Nov 5, Cocos-BCX founder CHEN Haozhi attended GMGC Conference in Chengdu · China and made a presentation “Cocos, Technically Facilitates Revolution of Interactive Entertainment Industry” .

  1. On Nov 14, Cocos-BCX founder CHEN Haozhi attended China-Macau Global Digital Entertainment Summit 2018 as opening guest and gave a keynote speech. He said that in 2019, the global trading volume of game props and game assets on blockchain will exceed 100 billion CNY, and the recharge value will exceed ¥20 billion. By 2022, by China market alone the trading volume of game props on blockchain will exceed ¥1 trillion.

  1. On Nov 14, JW Marriott Hotel Macau, Cocos-BCX founder CHEN Haozhi was awarded Black Pentangle Trophy representing the “Top Ten Innovative Winners” in the 2018 Game Industry Innovation Awards .

  1. On Nov 1, LI Jingang, head of the Cocos-BCX blockchain game, attended a panel at Zilliqa meetup (a public chain orginated from Singapore) on topic blockchain scalability & smart contract security, and shared insight on the application of the blockchain in the game industry.

05 Media Reports

1. Salons during Cocos China Tour

During October~November, Cocos-BCX showed up on Cocos China Tour Salons in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Beijing. On the series of trips, Cocos-BCX introduced the BCX-NHAS-1808 Standard , advanced version of the NHAS-1808 Standard , and several blockchain games on Cocos-BCX test-net.

Cocos-BCX was given an A rating by ONETOP, an authoritative rating agency for blockchain projects. Major media in blockchain and gaming space such as Jinse,, DappReview, LanHuBiJi, and had reported on Cocos-BCX.

2. Korean media had in-depth reports on Cocos-BCX.

  • Game media,economic media report Blockchain GameColumn: page 6-Project analysis and summary of game-specific blockchain platform.

  • Game media,economic media report Blockchain GameColumn: page 5-Analysis on situation and project for game-specific blockchain platform.

  • Game media,economic media report Blockchain GameColumn: page 4-Analysis on situation and project for game-specific blockchain platform.

  • Richard Yang’s Exclusive Interview

[인터뷰] Cocos-BCX 게임 플랫폼 개발자 리차드양, 블록체인 실현 가능성을 말하다
지난 22일 판교에 위치해 있는 Cocos-BCX 한국 사무소에서 공동 창립자 리차드 양은 Cocos-BCX의 목적 및 블록체인에 대한 자신의 생각을 밝혔다. Q. 공동창업자인 하오즈천 대표는 어떤 인물인가…

3. Cocos community member in Spain introduced Cocos-BCX at EOS Barcelona event.

  1. Several YouTuber interviews reported Cocos-BCX

06 Social Media

Cocos-BCX has opened multiple social media accounts, welcome to follow us via below channels.

07 Website Updates

Optimized the navigation menu structure and merged dynamic content display.

Updated team member display with four newly joined senior members.

Added the display of offline events.

Updated the community rewards page and added wallet address entry items.

08 Preview of Next Month

Key milestone to look forward to:

The Cocos-BCX TestNet with several games and applications will be released at the end of December, please stay tuned with Cocos-BCX official channels for more updates.

Welcome to follow us via below social media channels to keep up to date of project progress.

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