Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — January, 2019

Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — January, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Following is Cocos-BCX’s progress report for January 2019. Let’s go over it in detail.


Core Technical Progress : Nine technical items were completed, six are ongoing and another eight are in verification.

DApp Optimization : Third-party dApps based on Cocos ecosystem are being optimized progressively, with several features added.

The Developer Program : Nearly 80 teams have applied to join the program, of which 13 stood out.

Eco-Partnerships : Cocos-BCX has completed integration of homogeneous assets standards with Ontology, NEO and TRON, and integration of non-homogeneous assets standards of the three public chains will start soon.

Online Events : One online event.

Offline Events : Three events held in Beijing, London, and South Korea

Media Reports : 14 articles and regular news release.

01. Technical Progress

1. Completed

1.1) Optimized block package logic.

1.2) Repaired algorithm exceptions

1.3) Optimized OP naming for interconnected worldviews.

1.4) Adjusted the processing logic for the block id.

1.5) Added validation to check the existence of matching account when creating proposal and timed task.

1.6) Added referencing mechanism that enables the contract to reference existing contract on blockchain, as well as calling relevant performance functions.

1.7) Added the setting for network transaction verification mode.

1.8) Added expiration detection after the timed task is suspended.

1.9) Optimization of timed tasks — Fixed the issue of exceptions when multiple timed tasks are being executed at the same time.

2. In Progress

2.1) Optimizing timed tasks.

  • Adding the suspending mechanism to timed task after continuous execution failure.
  • Adding an interface to cancel suspension of the timed task.
  • Designing the number of execution failure thresholds and the maximum suspension time to be configurable, allowing the Council to propose the change.

2.2) Optimizing non-homogeneous digital assets, with data zone restrictions being modifiable in the case of lease.

2.3) Optimizing the interface code of blockchain explorer.

2.4) Adding mechanism for synchronous block pause.

2.5) Optimizing the use of timed task.

2.6) Improving the contract interface of non-homogeneous assets.

3. In Verification

3.1) Optimization of the naming conventions for non-homogeneous digital assets.

the naming convention for non-homogeneous assets.

3.2) Optimization of the maximum capacity for matching homogeneous assets.

3.3) Optimization of anchoring secondary assets to core assets.

3.4) Modification for the order inquiry interface of non-homogeneous assets, and adding of the filter for basic descriptive information.

3.5) Modification for the compute mode of the hash id for non-homogeneous assets.

3.6) Modification for the interface of users’ non-homogeneous assets inquiry, and acceptance of multiple query schemes.

3.7) Modification for multi-indexed container.

3.8) Adding of the mechanism of limitation on message queue size.

02 DApp Optimization

1. Supported on both web version and mobile version of COCOS Terminal (English page will be available soon)

1.1) Upgraded to enable support of 1808 Assets Standard.

1.2) Implemented across-exchange order management.

1.3) Provided tracking and notification for block generation of the chain system.

1.4) provided a game access portal in the terminal.

1.5) Features of blockchain explorer-account tracking/contract view/transaction view/global statistics.

1.6) Added edit page for NH assets.

1.7) Added interface of receiving and proposal.

2.Mobile Wallet

2.1) Modified the page of Latest Block.

2.2) Removed the prompt for network timeout.

2.3) Modified the display of the current supply.

2.4) Modified bottom navigation bar.

2.5) Modified the issue of page display height.

2.6) Modified the issue of paging display.

3. Adaptive Optimization of web-side Happy Fruit and Game Props Exchange

3.1) Happy Fruit.

3.1)Game Props Exchange.

03 The Developer Program

14:00 PM, February the 21st, 2018, Cocos-BCX testnet was officially launched, with the Developer Program went live at the same time.

By December 29th, 10 out of 53 candidate teams stood out as the first batch to join the Developer Program. Later, three new teams was added, and so far there have been over 70 teams applied to the program. As this program is open in long run, previous sign-up teams that didn’t receive feedbacks still have chance of getting admission in the following weeks.

Meanwhile, in order to provide more efficient communication and technical support to the developer teams joining testing, Cocos-BCX organizes Q&A session and answer questions to the teams every two weeks. Up to now, two Q&A sessions have been carried out.

We welcome more teams and individuals who are interested in Cocos-BCX to apply for the Developer Program. Address for signing-up:

04 Eco-Partnerships

In January, the integration of homogeneous asset standards of Cocos-BCX and Ontology/NEO/TRON was completed, and now the integration of non-homogeneous assets standards will start soon. Cross-chain transfers of homogeneous assets and non-homogeneous assets are realized through the exchange gateway of Cocos-BCX. And more practical applications will be carried out to facilitate the process of Blockchain+Gaming.

05 Monthly Events

1. Cocos-BCX Blockchain Open Day

On January 12th, Cocos-BCX ‘s first Blockchain Open Day was held in Beijing. At the workshop, TEAM Joy cofounder Joy Zhang and Neo Lee made analysis on the current status of blockchain gaming, and shared their viewpoints on the monetization model of blockchain game , as well as its technical development .

2. External Events

2.1) Blockchain Gamer Connects

21–22 January, 2019, the 3rd Blockchain Gamer Connects, a grand gathering of blockchain gaming, was held in London . Cocos-BCX co-founder Richard Yang and Executive Director Caterina Zhang were invited to attend the conference. Richard joined the panel with guests from EOS Block.One, etc., sharing their insights on the future of blockchain industry.

2.2) Korea Blockchain Game Show

30–31 January, Korea Blockchain Game Show themed “Next Game Crypto,We are Blockchain Contents” was held in South Korea by Korea Blockchain Association, and sponsored by Korea Blockchain Content Association. Frederick Lim, Co-Director of Cocos-BCX Korea Operations attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech. He said that as the platform for the next generation of digital game economy, Cocos-BCX recognizes the great importance of Korean market, and looks forward to interacting with more great projects from Korea and together to build the future of blockchain gaming.

2.3) SQEX

On January 28, Hirokuni Fujita, advisor for Cocos-BCX Japan Market was invited to attend the community-based workshop at SQEX company with attendees from Microsoft Japan etc., and gave a speech themed ‘Taking Cocos-BCX as an example to look into the possibilities of cryptocurrency economy from the perspective of comprehensive solutions for blockchain gaming’ (‘ブロックチェーンゲームの総合ソルーションからみるクリプトエコノミーの可能性についてーCocos-BCXを例として’).

06 Media Reports


1. Cocos-BCX Blockchain Game Open Day: The Development and Profits Making of EOS-Based Snake Game ‘Snake Joy’ .

2. Game Developers on Cocos-BCX Chain: Focusing on the Features of the Chain to Develop Games With Advantages of Your Team .


1. Cocos-BCX’s 2018, Remember The Past And Foresee The Future .

2. Cocos-BCX announces ‘Developer Cultivation Plan’ with TRON Arcade.

3. Video: Leading media COINTELEGRAPH reported the launch of Cocos-BCX testnet in the channel ‘The Future of Money’.

4. TRON Arcade ‘Developer Cultivation Plan’ Announced.

  1. Cocos-BCX has officially launched its testnet to over 1.3 million developers.

6. Cocos-BCX Testnet Launched! The next generation of digital game economy empowering over 1.3 million developers.

7. Interview with Cocos-BCX co-founder Richard Yang by Blockchain Gamer Connects: Creating a truly interoperable game with Cocos-BCX.


1. Cocos-BCX cooperation with Tron Arcade: Cocos-BCX와 ‘TRON ARCADE’ 개발자 육성 계획 발표


1. Interview with Fujita, advisor for Cocos-BCX Japanese Market, by Blockchain Game info: ‘【インタビュー】Cocos-BCXとは。 Cocos-BCX Japan 藤田氏 阿部氏 1/2’

2. SHIMAUMADAPPS!. Prominent Japanese blockchain gaming blogger published a special article introducing Cocos-BCX and the games on the Cocos-BCX testnet: ‘ブロックチェーンゲームプラットフォーム「Cocos-BCX」とは?’.

3. DApps Gmae Lab. Japan media for blockchain published a special article introducing Cocos-BCX and the games on the Cocos-BCX testnet: ‘Cocos-BCXとは?Cocos-BCXのブロックチェーンゲームCocos Shooting、Happy Fruit、Tycheの始め方と遊び方’.

4. ブルーチェーンラボ, Prominent Japanese blockchain gaming blogger published a special article introducing Cocos-BCX and industry cooperative work: ‘Binance Labが投資しているゲームプラットフォームについて語ろう COCOS-BCX’.

07 Previews of Next Month

1. The 2nd Cocos-BCX Blockchain Open Day will be held after the Sprig Festival. Teaming up with CocoaChina, the largest Chinese online community of Apple-based product developers, Cocos-BCX Lab will invite DappReview founder Vincent Fengxuan Niu and TEAM JOY founder Reed Hong to the event, to discuss ‘How to monetize in blockchain games?’.

Above is Cocos-BCX Monthly Report for January 2019 .

You are welcome to leave messages through Cocos-BCX official media channels or share your opinions in our community if you have any comments or suggestions about the report .

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