Cocos-BCX — Development Roadmap

Cocos-BCX — Development Roadmap


We are very excited to release our first official development roadmap for Cocos-BCX, including all of the various components within our network. If you haven’t already we highly recommend you to read out technical whitepaper first as this will provide a lot of context into our roadmap going forward.

Below is an overview of our development roadmap for Cocos-BCX including the progress our team has made to date.

Development Roadmap

Q4 2017

  • Cocos Blockchain Expedition (Cocos-BCX) was founded
  • Business model and development plan completed for CocosChain
  • Released the first Cocos-BCX Technical Whitepaper

Q1 2018

  • Started development on the Cocos-BCX platform.
  • Finished development on our first proof of concept, including asset trading, token settlement, and test chain running.
  • Demo released at Cocos Blockchain Game Technology Conference
  • Released our first product demo at the Cocos Developer Conference 2018.

Q2 2018

Q2 2018

Q3 2018

  • API developed for third party wallets.
  • Completed & announced our pre-sale funding
  • Partnership with NEO Game announced.
  • Cocos-BCX released our first full release of our alpha testnet version including: API with Cocos Creator, publish consensus algorithm for CocosChain, and ~3 full games on our testnet)

Q4 2018

  • Cocos-BCX Beta mainnet launch
  • Start development on the next phase of Cocos-BCX, creating an entire game on-chain.
  • Start development on an asset exchange for gaming items.

Building a complete Blockchain Gaming Platform

To share a little more context on how all of the components of Cocos-BCX come together to build a complete blockchain gaming platform, below is a short description of our core components.

Game Engine

The Cocos-BCX game engine will serve as the software framework for game developers to developer their core assets (both fungible and non-fungible). Our gaming engine will have a direct API access with the Cocos Creator to open up blockchain development to a whole new set of existing game developers.

Development Environment

The Cocos-BCX development environment (IDE) will be visual oriented and created specifically for gaming use-cases. Our IDE will integrate with and support all blockchain systems including our own.


Cocos-BCX is also developing our own public blockchain, named CocosChain, which will be based on the Graphene framework and architected specifically for high-performance applications. CocosChain will be one of the options game developers have when deploying their blockchain based games.

Cocos-BCX Asset Exchange

In the future Cocos-BCX will also be developing a full suite of tools including our own digital asset exchange for users & developers to easily exchange digital gaming assets + integrate exchanges within their existing games. In addition to the exchange we will be building our much more infrastructure to complete a full ecosystem of blockchain game development tools.

For more detail & updates be sure to follow our all our channels to keep updated on our progress

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