Cocos-BCX: Community Update September 2018

Cocos-BCX: Community Update September 2018


Welcome to Cocos-BCX’s second community report! We’ll be sharing our progress with the community every month including research, development and business updates.

If you have questions about Cocos-BCX, please check our FAQ and send us feedback either via our Telegram group or send us a tweet @CocosBCX

Cocos-BCX is a blockchain gaming platform for developing, operating, managing gaming applications and in-game economies across all blockchain platforms. Cocos-BCX includes:

  1. A software framework for multi-blockchain game development.
  2. CocosChain — a public blockchain based on Graphene and architected specifically for games and high-performance applications.
  3. A visual IDE for decentralized application development, production, and deployment.

Latest Updates


  • Cocos-BCX will have our game developer meetup in Shenzhen on October 13th.
  • In addition we are planning 3 more events in Hangzhou on October 20th, Beijing on October 27th, and Wuhan on November 3rd.
  • If you happen to be in any of these cities during this time let us know and we can share more info about the events and how to attend (in Chinese)

Development Update
In September 2018, here are some of our development highlights:

  • DAG implementation on event prioritization mechanism
  • I/O interface for in-contract data
  • On-chain timer
  • Atomic transaction process integration
  • Predictive instant response
  • Contract upgrade (overlay deployment)
  • Inter-block session
  • An endogenous stochastic process and functions for the avoidance of node cheating
  • Support for nested, non-homogenous assets
  • Interface of decentralized, intermediary-free exchange

In October we will be working on:

  • Integration of event prioritization mechanisms and DAG technology
  • Contract intermediate information access interface, external call interface
  • Finalizing the On-chain timer

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