Cocos-BCX: Community Update October 2018

Cocos-BCX: Community Update October 2018

Welcome to Cocos-BCX’s October community report! We’ll be sharing our progress with the community every month including research, development and business updates.

If you have questions about Cocos-BCX, please check our FAQ and send us feedback either via our Telegram group or send us a tweet @CocosBCX

Cocos-BCX is a blockchain gaming platform for developing, operating, managing gaming applications and in-game economies across all blockchain platforms. Cocos-BCX includes:

  1. A software framework for multi-blockchain game development.
  2. CocosChain — a public blockchain based on Graphene and architected specifically for games and high-performance applications.
  3. A visual IDE for decentralized application development, production, and deployment.

Latest Updates

  • We released our NHAS-1808 Standard, a new Non-Homogeneous Asset Standard, with our partners, including Ontology, Zilliqa, TRON Foundation, and NEO who have agreed to use this standard. The NHAS-1808 Standard powered by Cocos-BCX allows full ownership of assets by gamers, transfer of assets across different games, and opens up new business models for game developers.
  • We have begun internal testing of our four blockchain games and we expect to open them up for community testing by next month.
  • We received numerous media coverage in the past month, including this Interview of Chen Haozhi, a deep dive into why Cocos-BCX may transform the gaming sector, and more.
  • Check out Cocos-BCX founder Richard’s AMA with Crypto Lark, Crypto Zombie and Blockchain Brad.
  • We’d love to hear more questions or feedback from the community, feel free to stop by our telegram, twitter and discord channel, meanwhile here is our latest FAQ.
  • The team are growing fast! We hired 8 more people in our development team and 2 in operations, we also opened offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai!
  • We are hiring a Chinese to English technical writer & translator, apply here to help us define the future of blockchain gaming.


  • Cocos-BCX had our game developer meetup in Shenzhen on October 13th, Hangzhou on October 20th, Wuhan on November 3rd, check out the recapof Wuhan meetup.
  • Check out Chen Haozhi’s speech (in Chinese) from the Global Game Developers Conference in Chengdu.
  • We will have our next meetup in Beijing on Nov 10th plus our first event in the US, San Francisco on December 4th. We hope to see some of you from the community there.

Development Update

Here are some of our development highlights for which were completed in October 2018:

  • Normalized the naming of non-homogeneous assets
  • Added an entry to create a prop within the contract
  • Optimized the data return logic of contract execution
  • Improved the efficiency of contract execution by designing contract data I/Os with contract data specified R/W functions
  • Improved the monitoring service
  • Implemented permission system with front-end interfaces
  • Improved contract iteration modification logic
  • Improved the code related to the transaction monitoring function and keep testing

In November our development goals are:

  • Design a timing op framework to add timing tasks
  • Improve the logic when contracts modifying non-homogeneous assets
  • Modify the storage method of contracts’ plain text code
  • Try to avoid multi-contract variable pollution

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