Cocos-BCX: Community Update August 2018

Cocos-BCX: Community Update August 2018



Welcome to Cocos-BCX’s first community report! We’ll be sharing our progress with the community every month including both marketing and development updates.

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Cocos-BCX is a blockchain gaming platform for developing, operating, managing both assets and gaming applications across all blockchain platforms. Cocos-BCX includes:

  1. A software framework for multi-system & multi-blockchain development.
  2. A visual IDE that is & script-based for applications & asset production.
  3. CocosChain — a public blockchain based on Graphene and architected specifically for games and high-performance applications.

Latest updates:


  • Chinajoy Cocos-BCX Special session — 2018.8.3 Shanghai. Cocos-BCX team participated in Chinajoy 2018 Conference in Shanghai. CocosBCX founder Haozhi Chen shared his vision for blockchain gaming and jointly released the Blockchain industry report.
  • Beijing Summit of Influence Investment — 2018.8.17 Beijing. Cocos-BCX founder Haozhi Chen participated in the summit and gave a speech on Cocos-BCX project and the blockchain gaming industry outlook.


  • Cocos-BCX Partnership Roundup We announced a roundup of all of our partners who we are already closely working with,
  • Cocos-BCX formed Partnership with NEO Game – The NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition, hosted by NewEconoLabs (NEL) with support from NEO Global Development, has announced a strategic cooperation with Cocos to build the BlaCat game platform and developer ecosystem
  • Cocos-BCX and Nebulas – Nebulas, a next-generation public blockchain platform, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem, and Cocos, a one-stop mobile game development platform, have agreed to work together with the main agenda on blockchain gaming. The companies will team up to improve their technologies and communities, with the broad objective of establishing and facilitating decentralized app growth and speeding up strong approval for blockchain technology.


We formally announced the team behind Cocos-BCX and added a full team page on our US website.

  • Haozhi Chen — Co-Founder
    Haozhi is a serial Internet entrepreneur of 20 years in China, with extensive experience in global gaming and developer community since 2009. He founded Chukong Technology, a leading Chinese game developer and publisher with operations in US, Japan and Korea. Chukong is the main sponsor of Cocos2d-x, the №1 game engine in Asia and №2 worldwide by market share. Since 2009, 1.1 million developers registered on Cocos community, while 3 million developers are estimated to have used Cocos engine. The ad network arm of Cocos covers 14 million daily active users and 605 million devices globally. Prior to Chukong, he founded Yeeyan, XCar and, all known as the leading startups in their time.
  • Richard Yang — Co-Founder
    Richard has 14 years of experience in technology entrepreneurship and investment. He co-founded a leading live streaming platform in China in 2005 that later merged with a Chinese listed company with a combined market capitalization of USD 5 billion. He also participated in transactions of over USD 1 billion in aggregate value as a professional private equity investor. He is a venture partner to a leading technology fund with operations in China and US. He also advises hedge funds and corporates on their multi-asset-class macro investment strategies. Together with Haozhi, the founding team has the domain knowledge, experience and resources of digital asset creation and exchange.

Development Update

  • We committed updates to include: Cocos-BCX Account system, our smart contract system, V1 of the CocosCreator, and the ability to create both fungible and non-fungible tokens within our IDE.
  • This month we are working on: improving the non-fungible trading mechanism, creating the pending pool and re-broadcasting mechanism, LUA VM support, and internally testing the smart contract system.

We will be sharing regular development updates in english with our community going forward as well.

Thank you for reading our first Cocos-BCX community update! To keep up with our progress:

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