Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report (12.17–12.30,2018)

Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report (12.17–12.30,2018)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report for Dec 17-Dec 30 , 2018 ! In this first report published in 2019 we list here below our development achievement in the end of 2018.

New technical progress has been made by our R&D team. Let’s take a look:

  1. Completed

1.1 Optimized and validated the scheduled task mechanism to implement timed periodic task.

1.2 Added query interface to database API to support filter.

1.3 Optimized virtual machine IO logic.

1.4 Addressed the management right issue of contract №0.

1.5 Modified transaction validation to improve the check computation efficiency of transactions on the blockchain.

2. In Verification

Provided delegate timestamp with microsecond accuracy.

3. In Progress

Improving the operational logic of contract for non-homogeneous assets-in continuous optimization.

Thank you for reading, and see you next time!

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