Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report (1.14–1.27)

Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report (1.14–1.27)


Hi Everyone,

Happy Lunar New Year!

Welcome to Cocos-BCX Bi-Weekly Technical Report for 1 4th–27th January,2019 !

1. Completed

1.1 Adjusted the processing logic for the block id.

1.2 Added validation to check the existence of matching account when creating proposal and timed task.

1.3 Added referencing mechanism that enables the contract to reference existing contract on blockchain, as well as calling relevant performance functions.

1.4 Added the setting for network transaction verification mode.

1.5 Added expiration detection after the timed task is suspended.

2. In Verification

2.1 Optimized the issue of anchoring secondary assets to core assets.

2.2 Modified the order inquiry interface of non-homogeneous assets, and added the filter for basic descriptive information.

2.3 Modified the interface of users’ non-homogeneous assets inquiry, accepting multiple query schemes.

2.4 Modified multi-indexed container.

2.5 Added the mechanism of limitation on message queue size.

3. In Progress

3.1 Adding the suspending mechanism to timed task for failure after continuous execution.

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