Cocos-BCX, a full stack platform for decentralized games and digital assets

Cocos-BCX, a full stack platform for decentralized games and digital assets


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Cocos-BCX is a blockchain gaming platform for developing, operating, managing gaming applications and in-game economies across all blockchain platforms. Cocos-BCX includes:

  • A software framework for multi-blockchain game development.

  • CocosChain — a public blockchain based on Graphene and architected specifically for games and high-performance applications.

  • A visual IDE for decentralized application development, production, and deployment.

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This forum is for everyone interested in Cocos-BCX & blockchain gaming. It is the best place to ask questions and discuss things related to Cocos-BCX.

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Cocos-BCX TestNet was officially launched on Dec 21, 2018, with 3 games and 1 prop trading platform going live on the TestNet at the sam time.

Christmas Candy Rewards! 2,000,000,000 COCOS Airdrop!

Cocos-BCX Monthly Report — November 2018

Cocos-BCX Releases NHAS-1808 Standard, Improving Existing Non-Fungible Token Standards

Integrating with 5173, Ontology and Other 3 Public Chains Makes BCX-NHAS-1808 the Most Recognized Non-Homogeneous Digital Asset Standard

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