Cocos Android Splash Screen [Native Android]

Cocos Android Splash Screen [Native Android]

How can we change The Splash Screen For Cocos 2d. Not on the Web But on the native Android?
Without creating a scene that would lead to the entire game. I want to replace the black screen that comes when we launch the app.

have you taken a look at past threads:

all other i found was addinga scene after that the whole game will load . that i dont want to add

I’d suggest looking at Android native docs then because besides a launch image (static) or a Scene, it will be a native solution.

thanks , will look into those. and other question was , how can i remove the libraries which are not needed so that the app size can be reduced i tried changing some values in appdelegate.cpp but still while building i see particle3d ans more things getting compiled. also im not using physics but when i disable that i get error while building.

Please search the forums, this has been discussed many times :slight_smile:

yeah tried that but only issues is with physics i guess. i hope you are not getting annoyed by my questions :stuck_out_tongue: