Cocos 2d js 3d action didn't work

Cocos 2d js 3d action didn't work
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in this page there is so many 3d effect. like flipY3D or orbitCamere

I can see the case.

but when I code it to my game it didn’t work…

my code is even exactly same with test case.

what’s wrong with it???

do i have to another setting?

when I use flipY3D action it show error like this

Uncaught TypeError: this._gridNodeTarget.getGridRect is not a function
at Class.getGrid (CCActionGrid.js:161)
at Class.startWithTarget (CCActionGrid.js:78)
at Class.addAction (CCActionManager.js:117)
at Class.runAction (CCNode.js:1576)
at Class.onMenuCallback (MainScene.js:110)
at Class.activate (CCMenuItem.js:176)
at Class._onTouchEnded [as onTouchEnded] (CCMenu.js:497)
at _onTouchEventCallback (CCEventManager.js:476)
at Object._dispatchEventToListeners (CCEventManager.js:601)
at Object._dispatchTouchEvent (CCEventManager.js:521)
CCActionGrid.js:207 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘originalVertex’ of null
at Class.getOriginalVertex (CCActionGrid.js:207)
at Class.originalVertex (CCActionGrid.js:198)
at Class.update (CCActionGrid3D.js:321)
at Class.step (CCActionInterval.js:180)
at Class.update (CCActionManager.js:356)
at cc.ListEntry.callback (CCScheduler.js:628)
at Class.update (CCScheduler.js:452)
at Class.drawScene (CCDirector.js:232)
at Class.mainLoop (CCDirector.js:885)
at callback (CCBoot.js:2545)

and I can get this error when i use orbit camera

cc.orbitCamera is not a function