Cococ v.4 collects personal data?

my app for children has just got rejected by Apple. They claim it collects sensitive data, like IP address, OS, region etc. (not allowed in Kids Category).
My game has no dependencies. No SDKBox, nothing. Just the engine v.4.
Is it possible that the engine or one of its dependencies collects data like that?

We noticed that your Kids Category app includes analytics, advertising and collects, transmits, or has the ability to share personal information or device information with third parties. 

Your app includes the following feature(s), contrary to guideline 1.3 of the [App Store Review Guidelines](

Third-party analytics or third-party advertising with the ability to collect, transmit or share identifiable information, including, for example, device number, location.

v4 game in apple store. Nothing close to “Third-party analytics or third-party advertising with the ability to collect”. The whole engine is opensource, and i’m unsure where it can came from.


That’s what I’m thinking too.

Actually, I keep telling them that they have confused this app with one of our other (old) apps, that has Firebase (I’m currently working on an update with Firebase removed).
But the lady I spoke to really doesn’t seem to know the subject and keeps telling me that she has “solid proof” that it collects this data (she is super reluctant to my request that she asks her colleagues to double-check if they have made a mistake and really mean the other app).

I guess I’l end up uploading the same app and see what they say.

This isn’t us. AFAIK.

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Are you using any sdkbox plugin?

I’m waiting for their answer. I’m pretty sure it’s their mistake. Just wanted to be 200% sure.