cmake and v3 -> v4 migration

cmake and v3 -> v4 migration

In the new v3-v4 migration assistant you mention that one should use cmake to generate a new project. I know nothing about cmake. Is this a must ?

Can’t I just generate a project using cocos command line tools?:
cocos new -l cpp myNewProject ?

What is the advantage of cmake?

Congratulations to the team on the new release!

pretty much yes, moving forward CMAKE is the best option and it will allow you to support many platforms with ease.

a lot of benefits:

Can you tell cmake to generate relative paths on visual studio properties?

like $(SolutionDir) instead of C:\ …


Why would you want to do that? If you’re adding the Visual Studio solution/project file to some kind of source control, or editing it manually after creating it with CMake, then that defeats the purpose of CMake. The solution files should just be regenerated when you need them, so what paths are used internally should not matter at all. If there’s something you need to add to the solution files, then it should really be done in CMakeLists.txt.