Clipping Node Anti-Aliasing

Clipping Node Anti-Aliasing

Hi guys! I am using Clipping node to clip the ui::ScrollView are the bottom of a popup so that it becomes rounded instead of rectangle. Works almost perfect with some specific alpha threshold (0.095f), however the rounded edge becomes a bit pixelated. I was wondering if anyone figure out a way in which the pixels rendered inside the masking area can be somehow get anti-aliased or something. I know its an old issue but i thought that if i brought it up again in 2019, maybe someone will figure something out or maybe we can get a better implementation for cocos team when they get less busy ))

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The screenshot is more smooth thatn what happens on a real device.


I see what you mean. Can you create a GitHub issue with all of this so we can see it in front of us when milestones are decided. Tag me in it.


However, i believe i found what the issue is. The clipping node checks only the alphaThreshold value and if the check passes, it displayed the resulting image with full opacity, irregardless fi the mask has not full opacity.