Clean project - unable to read memory

Clean project - unable to read memory
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I’m trying to set up a blank project using comand line tool
i installed python, ndrk,android sdk,
i downloaded cocos2d 3.14.1

I’m going to have my project with pre-built libraries to increse build time.

I ran:
cocos gen-libs -c -p win32 -m debug
cocos gen-templates
cocos new MyProjectName -p -d path_to_project -l cpp -t binary --vs 2015

then i opened sln file from win32 folder with visual studio 2015 and build it in Debug mode : all is ok.
but when i try to run program in debug mode i got this error: error reading characters from string
in file AppDelegate.cpp, line 30 ( glview = GLViewImpl::createWithRect(“MyProjectName”, Rect(0, 0, 960, 640)); )
using debugger i found that inside function createWithRect, const std::string& viewName is broken somehow(see screenshot, last variable in locals window)

Please help me
I cannot start coding with this engine…


Any advice guys?