Clang++ error on armeabi-v7a/libPluginIAP.a

Clang++ error on armeabi-v7a/libPluginIAP.a

I got this compile error, my building environment is cocos2dx v3.17.1, SDKBox Plugin version The weird thing is such error arises on release mode only.

jni/../../../Modules/SDKBox_Module/prebuilt/android/armeabi-v7a/libPluginIAP.a(IAPWrapper-android.o):function std::__ndk1::basic_stringstream<char, std::__ndk1::char_traits<char>, std::__ndk1::allocator<char> >::~basic_stringstream(): warning: relocation refers to discarded section
/Users/ichinfungi/Library/Android/sdk/ndk-bundle/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/darwin-x86_64/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-linux-androideabi/4.9.x/../../../../arm-linux-androideabi/bin/ld: error: treating warnings as errors
clang++: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
make: *** [obj/local/armeabi-v7a/] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

@yinjimmy Please kindly take a look, many thanks.

It looks like you use a custom folder structure .

whats armeabi-v7a ? from libs(gnustd) or c++_static ?

what NDK version do you use?

I put the libraries downloaded from SDKBox’s website in corresponding architectures’ directories, in which I use c++_static. I am using NDK version 20.1.5948944.

What about NDK r14b or r16?

The SDKBox’s SDK compiled with r14b.

Still got the same error on building with r16b, I think I encountered exactly the same problem in this thread:

There is a new bug in IAP.

fixed with (563.5 KB)

Thanks for your feedback.

It works. Thank you very much.

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