Claim Your COCOS Christmas Airdrop!

Claim Your COCOS Christmas Airdrop!

Dear all participants of Cocos-BCX Christmas Rewarding Program, thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation in December!

For those successfully completed the tasks in 2nd and 3rd round of airdrops as per instructions, the corresponding COCOS token numbers have already been added to your Cocos community accounts.

Please log in again on website with your registered account ID.

log-in page of airdrop program

Once you are logged in, you will immediately see the token numbers you are rewarded in the airdrop.

your rewarded token number is shown on the page

The “Go and Get Now’ button will guide you to complete your contact details and wallet information if you have not yet submitted. Click it and input the required information.

complete the information input

Once done, you will be back to below page. Congratulations! You have successfully claimed your Christmas rewards!

successfully claimed airdrop tokens

The airdropped tokens will be sent to your registered wallet after TGE. Please follow our social channels closely for further updates on TGE and airdrop token distribution date.

The participants of 1st round Christmas airdorp (those who attend Cocos-BCX meetup in San Francisco on Dec 5) will be reached out by Cocos-BCX team via email at later stage.

About Cocos-BCX Christmas Airdrop Program

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@Summer.Yang This is great. This project is progressing really nicely. I can’t wait to see everything production ready.

Everyone, I encourage you all to take a look at how the blockchain could benefit your new (or existing) titles.