Child Nodes with Physics not Moving with Parent node

Child Nodes with Physics not Moving with Parent node
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As title says. I have also found these topics about same issues in C++ version from years ago.

The problem I am having is if the Nodes with physics attached are stationary they they do not move. Any with movement which I am updating in Update then these move with the parent node.


I have found a way around it but its not ideal at all. On the nodes update I check if position is different from its start position. If its the same I chance x position by 0.001 and set a flag for forcedmove. then on next update I check forced move and if set I set position back to start position. etc etc


Not sure this is 100% an issue with CC since I could imaging that children with rigid bodies need to attached to their parent in Box2D as well as in CCs hierarchy. So maybe it’s by design?

But I would also like to find a correct way of doing it since our next game could be dependant on this feature.


@PJamaLabs hey have you found any better way around this issue? I am experiencing the very same problem. Thanks