Change DragonBones slot color

Can it be officialy done? I’m doing it by


but this _setColor is said to be internal and private, is there a official way to do it? I didn’t see it in the exemple cases


Try changing r, g, b values individually if present.
this.animation.armature().getSlot(slotName).display.r = 0.4;
Or see if it is available on the slot itself.
this.animation.armature().getSlot(slotName).r = 0.4;

It didn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

@jare @slackmoehrle could you help me here?

I used display._color for a while because it worked in web, but it doesn’t work in native. Is there any way to do it?

Sorry, web platform include the JS DragonBone library, native code use a c++ DragonBone library, but wasn’t bind library method to javascript, so you can’t do that.

so there is no way to customize slot’s color?

Can it be included in the engine in the following releases?