CCEditBox for WP8

CCEditBox for WP8
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hello, tell me please how i can realize CCEditBox cocos2d-x 2.2 on wp8.


Same question. Anyone else?


same problem. And CCHttpClient can’t use on wp8 too. How to solve this issues?


I don’t remember the same in version 2.2 but version 2.2.2 have CCTextfield or UITextfield.


thank’s, and what about CCHttpClient?


wp8 can’t using CCHttpClient, because libcurl and pthread not compatible with current cocos2d-x for wp8. but you can see and using libcurl for http and socket. they sad it can using libcurl on that github, you can test it, I not yet :slight_smile:


make issue #3851. We will check it as soon as possible.


my pr of adding CCEditBox to wp8:, merged now.


Anyone know if there is already a CCEditBox for win8 or are being developed?


it’s merged in wp8, not in winrt, do you mean CCEditBox in winrt project?


My team has developed a text box based on CCEditBox for ios and android I could adapt it to wp8 but I can not adapt it to WinRT. Because sometimes the virtual keyboard does not appear.


OK, we will solved it soon. Thanks.


a pr:, may merged soon.


Already available for the ccEditbox win 8 tablet and desktop?