CCDictionary .. Dictionary .. __Dictionary ???

CCDictionary .. Dictionary .. __Dictionary ???


I see CCDictionary is deprecated - and so is Dictionary.

There’s a class __Dictionary that seems to replace it.

What’s that about? Why __Dictionary? What am I missing? Aren’t system classes usually the ones prefixed with __ as a warning for you not to use them?




I’m wondering the same thing. Any answer to this question?


__Dictionary is the implementation of CCDictionary. Because we changed CCDictionary to Dictionary in alpha or beta version. Then we want to deprecated Dictionary. But because developers will update from v2.x to 3.0, so we should deprecated CCDictionary and Dictionary.

And if we deprecated a class, it will cause warning on windows. So we rename it to __Dictionary, and typedef in CCDeprecated.h to deprecated CCDictionary.


So why is Dictionary deprecated? What do we use instead? (Also, Array, etc…)


Please use cocos2d::Map instead.


Ahhhh. Cool. Thanks. Nice job on the new Map class.