CC2.4.5 Crash report?

Hi, in our game the testers meet a random crash (soft-crash, because is javascript VM crashs, so the application still runs); is there a way to show an alert if we have a crash in javascript?

many thanks for support!


I will ask engineering to have a look.

Hi Bro

Can you do try catch in your JS codes?

I agreed that it’s very hard to trace error once the game is built/compiled.

You can use se::ScriptEngine::setExceptionCallback to collect JS error reports.

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Thanks for your support, I will try it sure! :blush:

yep, ok works but now we have a new trouble with:

    se::ScriptEngine *se = se::ScriptEngine::getInstance();

android return E/jswrapper: ScriptEngine::evalString script (no filename), failed!

where could we to write the own crashReport javascript function?

Thanks for help!

do you define the crashReport funciton in global?

yes, inside a file .js, for sample:

export let Smallthing = {
bla bla bla…

crashReport = function(message) {

// send crash to server

but not only crashReport is not see in envString, but also cc.log is not see. :pensive:

I do a test, but it work!

I wrote this:

and I have this error:

this.pippo() is a foo function to make an error.

and inside file .js

export let Smallthing = {


Smallthing.crashReport = function(message) {


yes, with console.log works also to me, but not with a game’s method.

you need use a global function, it should work. such as

window.crashReport = function(message) {


thanks, for tip, now I try it!

Yes! Now works and we have our crash tracker!
Thanks for help!


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