cc.randomRangeInt() is undefined


I am new to Cocos, Cocos Creator and TypeScript. I have a script attached to a sprite node and I am trying to generate a random number when the node is created using the cc.randomRange and cc.randomRangeInt methods. But whatever I try, it is return undefined and in the console I also get an error saying cc.randomRangeInt is not a function.
I tried searching the docs, but it doesn’t actually provide any explanation how to use these methods in practice. Maybe it is common sense but atm I am a total beginner and I have node idea.

This is what I`m trying to do:

export default class NewClass extends cc.Component {

    public randomNumber:number

    onLoad () {
        this.randomNumber = cc.randomRangeInt(0,4);

    start () {

    update (dt) {

When I run this, it is alert the value ‘undefined’ and write to the console cc.randomRangeInt is not a function. The reason I do this is because I would like to use the random value in the start() callback function when the node is created. I tried generating the random value all over the place but I always get the same result.

Could anyone please help me and explaining what am I doing wrong or direct me to any article or section of the documentation that could help me?

Thank you.

Sorry, there are some errors in the documentation, we’ll fix it asap. You can use cc.math.randomRangeInt and cc.math.randomRange instead

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