[CC-3.X.X] - Graphics draw with custom texture

I am using the Graphics component to draw lines in 2D.
I want to draw a line based on a given texture.

Is there a way to do so?
Can you share examples?


I can ask engineering.

The graphics component is not supported for setting mapping.

@muxiandong @slackmoehrle
Ok… So I tried to tweak it a bit so I used now the Motion Streak Component which can do what I need.
It looks like the component is not working well on 3.3.1 and above.

First, It throws lots of errors.
To reproduce, just create an empty 2D node (set UI_layer or 2d layer), add motion streak to it and tick the ‘preview’ checkbox on the component. The engine will throw lots of bugs related to texture missing property. So, I added a texture but it completely ignore it and draw a simple colored line instead of the texture.

On CC 2.4.4 however it works amazing… But I am using 3.3.1 right now :frowning:
Any chance you have a look at it?