[CC 3.X] - Missing textures on an imported FBX


I am using blender to import an FBX models. However, when I am importing the object the textures are missing. So I tried to import the textures and then the FBX seperatly and it still not showing the textures. I looks like the materials was imported fine, however they are locked and I cannot change them.

Any suggestions?

I can ask engineering to have a look. Do you have a demo?

What version of Creator?

This is a bug, we will repair it in v3.4.0, could you offer us a demo to test?

@linrm Not really need for demo. I just created my FBX from blender 2.9 (tried also 2.8). The FBX looks fine, however the textures cannot be loaded. Thats it. Just try to load FBX with textures…

I usued 3.3, 3.2.1, 3.1

ok. We have test it, and find this bug.

Amazing. Thank you!

Is there a quick fix that I can do on my side until next version of Cocos?

You can use other dcc, like 3DMax.