CC 3.1 - After exporting tilemap from Tiled, the component picks only the first image in the tile

Hello everyone,

I created a new tile map 64x64 on a 20x20 grid as a CSV.
I added a new tile set (I made sure that embedded images is ticked) and I picked up some images from my assets/images/terrain folder. The map rendered very strange and it look like it only rendered the first image of my tile set and duplicate it among the map so all the tiles in my map looked the same.
I also made sure that all the assets are set to sprite-frame instead of texture because texture by default made the entire component to crash.

I am using the latest build of 3.1 (on 3.0 it is not working at all).
I know that 3.1 is not out yet but please make sure you fix this. Its urgent for our projects.

On 2.X.X the tile maps works perfect without any issues (on my side).