CC 2.2.2: mulScalar still not working

CC 2.2.2: mulScalar still not working

Hi @zzf520,

CC 2.2.2 brings the same error from here:

Please can you take a look again. Thanks


I am not fimilar with Mat4 but its constructor needs 16 parameters.

Ref: Mat4

So, can you try like this (with actual parameters)

var mat = new cc.Mat4(1,2,3...16);

The constructor works, I am talking about the function mat.mulScalar(...)

Library file does not contain mulScalar function.

I think, the functionality you want may be there but in different name. So please check its formulae/calculations. Let’s say, if it’s scale, then just modify this file with corrected function name as below.

    mulScalar (number, out) {
        out = out || new cc.Mat4();
        return mat4.**scale**(out, this, number);

You can just modify it at your local library file. If it works, you may consider helping the community by submitting a git push. Good Luck! :blush:

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