CC 2.1.2 Fails To Load Projects In "Example 3D"

CC 2.1.2 Fails To Load Projects In "Example 3D"

i’m trying to open the 3d example projects from here:

however, it fails to load. demo01 is stuck forever in “loading assets, please wait” and demo02 loads with a lots of errors like:

load script [Cocos3D] failed : Error: Cannot find module 'Cocos3D'
load script [E:\Temp\cc\example-3d-master\demo02\temp\quick-scripts\assets\scripts\audio\audio-controller.js] failed : TypeError: Cannot read property '_decorator' of undefined

any idea how to open those? i’ve noticed they’re updated quite recently, so i was hoping that the latest version might work, do they require an older version of CC?

That’s not Cocos Creator. It’s another 3D engine we are developing.
We will open beta soon.

ah, alright, makes sense now. thanks.

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