Capture activity when closing ad rewarded before it ends

Capture activity when closing ad rewarded before it ends


I want to show rewarded ads, they are shown correctly, but I can not capture when the user closes the ad before it ends, if I click I can capture the information, but if I see the complete ad or close it before it ends it always prints the same How can I know if the ad is closed early?

I capture the information in this way, use sdkbox

adViewDidReceiveAd: function(name) {
//cuando se recibe un anuncio de forma correcta

            adViewDidFailToReceiveAdWithError: function(name, msg) {
                //se presenta un error en la solicitud de un anuncio
            adViewWillPresentScreen: function(name) {
                //se esta mostrando el anuncio en pantalla corectamente
            adViewDidDismissScreen: function(name) {
                //self.showInfo('adViewDidDismissScreen name=' + name);
            adViewWillDismissScreen: function(name) {
                //self.showInfo('adViewWillDismissScreen=' + name);
            adViewWillLeaveApplication: function(name) {
                //cuando dan clic en el anuncio y son dirigidos a otra app

            reward: function(name, currency, amount, action_type) {
                //informacion del anuncio bonificado


let me check admob callbacks.

you have use ‘reward’ event, it will trigger when player finished reward ad

Hello @jokerx86 , thanks for the response, in capturing information I have this

reward: function(name, currency, amount) {
//informacion del anuncio bonificado

I’m using the id of a bonus test ad, if I see the full ad or if I leave before it ends, I always print the same

rewarded coins 10

Thank you

reward defined by AdMob.

u do not need to care full ad or part ad.

Hello @yinjimmy , I do not understand what you mean by the answer, “u do not need to care full ad or part ad”

Could you explain me a little please?

You don’t need to care if the user sees the entire ad or just watches a part of the ad and closes the ad.

just care reward callback.

I understand @yinjimmy, thanks for the clarification, I had the doubt, because if I close the ad before it ends, it shows a message that if I close it I will lose the reward, but for the answer that I have from sdkbox I would give the reward to the user , I’m new to this topic, but would this be normal operation?

Google would pay me for that ad closed early?

@yinjimmy Good afternoon, I wanted to ask if you had reviewed this doubt about how the bonus ads work

yes, it is. and admob will not pay you.

you wont have reward event callback. so you would not give the reward to the user.

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