Can't see JSON files in Assets Window

Hi, I can’t seem to see JSON files in my asset window. If I create a .txt file that seems to show up okay but not .JSON.

  • I tried putting the file in subfolder including resources folder but it wont appear in the editor.

Any ideas? Thanks

This works. The examples project even has a JSON.json file under assets/resources/test_assets–which you can see in the Assets window when you drill down to that foler.

This seems to be a late addition to the example project, however, since the example project doesn’t show how to load it. You can easily modify it to do that. I did, and was able to load the json file without any issues.

Oddly it seems that I need to restart the Cocos editor and then it magically appears. Bug.

Hi, maybe you can refer to this document:

Thanks. I saw that doc, but it doesn’t explain why the files don’t appear in the editor.

Thanks for your feedback. we have reproduce this problem and will fix it in the future