Can't open my project with the error : the project has started pid:20104

I was building my game and it was stuck halfway so I tried to force close it, and when I try to open it again it kept saying that my project is open and can’t open the project anymore. I even try restartig my pc.

Any clue how to solve this?

Can you run CocosCreator.exe through the command line tool (Cmd) to see if there are any errors?

Excuse me, are you using CocosDashboard to open the project?

yup, I’m using the dashboard to open my project.

After that, I tried to delete the build folder while the dashboard is open, and it becomes not responding and stuck at forever deleting, so I tried to shut down my laptop then got a fatal error and blue screened and rolled back and restart.

After that, I tried to delete my build folder before opening the dashboard, then it’s fine now, so I can’t try the cmd anymore, I’m not sure if this has to do with the system update since there’s a system update recently.