Can't load navmesh file to cocos

Can't load navmesh file to cocos
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I’ve got a problem with using recast navmesh. It works in NavMeshTest but when I try to load my own mesh (.bin file and geometry) which I just exported from
the file is rejected because TILECACHESET_MAGIC numbers don’t match - expected is 1414743380 but the one read from my file is 1297302868

it is rejected on loading in:
bool NavMesh::loadNavMeshFile()

I am using the latest version of recast detour and cocos2d-x-3.14, I’ve checked in latest cocos2d-x and magic number is still the same there.

How can I generate navmesh file compatible with cocos2dx?


Ok, I figured it out, I chose “Tile Mesh” instead of “Temp Obstacles” in recast GUI.

Also worth mentioning that to generate geometry file you need to hit 9 key in recast GUI and look for *.gset file which is the same as geomset.txt