Can't find download links of Cocos Code IDEs

Can't find download links of Cocos Code IDEs

I cannot find the link to download Cocos Code IDE.
I have to see the forum to find the link but I don’t know which version is better to use.
Could you tell me the link if exist like Download page ?
If the version list (like download older version) exist, that would be very helpful.


I found the link of version 1.x .




I just rewrite the version which in the url…
I’m not sure but, maybe other versions could get the same way, which is very awful.

What happened to Cocos IDE? Is Cocos IDE support discontinued?


If you want latest version, please download Cocos 2.3.1 at

Install the Cocos and you can download everything in the Cocos Store.

There is Cocos Code IDE 2.0.0 beta in the Cocos Store which support latest framework v3.7.

Cocos Code IDE 1.2.0 can only use to create project with version until v3.6.1 but with auto code completion.
It is because v3.7 folder structure have been changed.



Thanks for the reply.
I want to have the auto code completion, so I need an older version.
But I didn’t know that only the latest version IDE supports the latest framework.
I wish to have the auto code completion, though…


I think IDE still have support.
But there is some difference between 1.x and 2.x (eg. auto completion support, framework support) .