Can't find correct Visual Studio's path

Can't find correct Visual Studio's path
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Hi, I just downloaded cocos creator 1.6.1 and got an error when compile on windows platform. Log error:

Building mode: release
Required VS version : [2013, 2015, 2017]
Can’t find correct Visual Studio’s path in the registry.

I had installed Visual Studio 2017, and can run normally with cocos command line “cocos run -p win32” on project created by cocos2d-x.

Please help, thanks a lot


i would go for a fresh reinstall. actually i think its easier to install vs 2017 when cocos creator prompts you insteqd of downloading separately


I figured out. Somehow, CocosCreator use vs 2015 as argument in build command. I fixed by force set 2017 as argument in file cocos2d-console/plugins/plugin_compile/

Hope CocosCreator find out what happen


Will this be fixed?
How is this deal breaking bug in the ‘stable’ release? For shame…

I have no idea how to force 2017? Can you please share the entire contents of a fixed cocos2d-console/plugins/plugin_compile/ file??


I did not have to force 2017. I had some issues regarding dependencies, but I did not had to force anything or change any configuration on windows nor creator.


@jrosich works for you, but obviously not everyone else :slight_smile:
Guess I am going back to using godot