Can't compile Lua into Tizen C++ project

Can't compile Lua into Tizen C++ project
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I have built libcocos2dx and HelloCpp in TIzen using the docs.
However, I need to add the following argument (-llua) into my linker command otherwise I get this exception :

undefined reference to `lua_tolstring’

How do I add arguments into the ninja build - I see things like the following used as the linker command :
arm-linux-gnueabi-g++ -o hellocpp Classes/AppDelegate.o Classes/HelloWorldScene.o src/main.o -lcocos2dx -lwebp -ltiff -ljpeg -lpng -lchipmunk -lwebsockets

but I need the command to be the same as above but with “-llua” added at the end.

I have played with CMake files etc and nothing is making a difference.


@AlexLond, Hi,
there are lua-empty-test and lua-tests running well on Tizen device(Z1) and Emulator2.3.

However, as your question, you want to link lua lib into the HelloCpp project, right?
If so, you can add lua lib in the properties dialog:
Project->Right click->Properties->C/C++ Building->Settings->Tool Settings->C++ Linker->Libraries->Add button,
then you can add lua lib and its path to the project.