Cannot install plugin because of app name

Cannot install plugin because of app name

I am new to Sdkbox (and Cocos too). Sorry in advance. :blush:
I installed Sdkbox but when I install a plugin :

sdkbox import review

I get :

#FATAL: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/francois/Documents/1.Dev/lnj_apps_eval/'
 Installation failed :(

This comes from the fact I renamed my app to “app-xxxx” (in gradle.settings). So the AndroidManifest is not in app directory but in app-xxxx directory.
Anyone knows how to fix this ?
Many thanks !

Let’s ask @yinjimmy

  1. Move back app folder, install then rename again .


sdkbox import review --projectpath /path

Hi there,
Thanks for your quick answers !
Option 1, that is renaming the app worked. Option 2 didn’t.
It’s partly satisfying since I would have liked to keep my app name the way it was, but nevermind.
Cheers !

Your app name and the folder it lives in can be different. I have a bunch of projects in a folder called games sharing classes and other files but they all product games with different names.

I need to try this then. Thanks :slight_smile: