Cannot change the default icon on Android device

Cannot change the default icon on Android device

Hello guy,

Now I would like to change the icon on Android device.
I don’t want to use default icon of cocos2d-js.
Please give some ideas to solve this problem.

Thank you before hand.

Default icons are exist in this specific folder path in your project.

You can replace this icons with your game icons.

Thank you so much.
Now I got it.

Interesting … I did the modification of the images by putting the same name “icon” and it did not work. The images in PNG format, and still did not work. What’s going on? Well I change the images but when APK forms the standard icon appears, even after the installation.
Can anyone help?

What’s your cocos version? The latest version (3.17) use the filename ic_launcher in the res/mipmap-XYZ folders.

Look into your AndroidManifest.xml. There is an android:icon attribute. This refers to the filename of the launcher icon. It should be something like @mipmap/XXX or @drawable/XXX, where XXX ist the filename without extension.

First paste your image in drawable then add following code in manifest.xml