Can you rate the autopilot?

My work:

The key feature of the designed autopilot is the ability for real-time operation in any traffic situation.

The autopilot is based on AI.

AI has only two tasks: movement at maximum speed and movement in the center of the lane.

Both tasks have equal priority.

Movement of the main (green) car must be carried out without collision with other objects.

The road is randomly generated.

The location of static objects (yellow cones) is set randomly.

The location and speed of dynamic objects (yellow cars and pedestrians) are set randomly.

This provides an infinite number of road situations.

The main (green) car is a dynamic object and has a weight.

The main (green) car is driven using powers.

The power value simulates the operation of the pedals of the car.

The power direction simulates the operation of the steering wheel of the car.