Can we know that release date of version 3.16?

Can we know that release date of version 3.16?
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I faced an unknown randomly crash on Android OS version 7.0 with engine version 3.15.1.

But, when I turn off sound and effect, crash doesn’t occur.


v3.16 is in first round testing, we may release it at the end of Sep. Does the crash fixed in v3.16?


use simpleaudioengine instead of AudioEngine, until the bug in AudioEngine fixed


@zhangxm still didn’t update glfw?


Cocos console in 3.16 will support latest Android build tools?


It’s removed from SDK Tools, so it’s not possible to support it.
I’m replacing tools folder with old version and so get ability to create pre-build libs using:
cocos gen-libs -p android --ap android-19 --app-abi x86:armeabi-v7a


Why do everyone compile with the cocos command? I compile with gradle build and it just works. The libs aren’t rebuild everytime, unless you call gradle clean parameter.


I’m just building libs and forget abiut re-compiling at all. Just want to use pre-built libs, because cocos2d-x is too heavy, compiles too long.


Hi everyone! Any news about 3.16? My team is launching in 2-3 weeks and 3.16 solves some issues for us so we would want an “officlal” release of the engine before publishing :slight_smile:


About October 9.


This crash bug fixed on v3.16.


3.16 seems like the most stable cocos2d-x version of all times to me.