Can 'Remote Bundle' be part of APK as well?


I am using Creator 3.5.2
I want to add ‘Remote Bundle’ folder into APK build as well, is that possible?
So by that initially we can save server bandwidth, so in future when there is update then only we can download new ‘Remote Bundle’ into local storage.

Target platform: Android, iOS


I think you can modify the content of the src/settings.json file in the build path to achieve this. In src/settings.json, there is a property named “remoteBundles”, you can change that content.

@SantyWang Thanks for reply.
Suppose there is folder in assets named Inventory
Then should i make it Bundle only or Remote Bundle ?
Because if i select Bundle only then folder will not exported in remote folder to upload on server
and if i select Remote Bundle then it will not be included in assets.

So sorry for late reply, The implementation process looks like this

  • Firstly, you need a server(nginx or other server).

  • Then, you need to customize the launching process of game by customize the application.js in the build path. Change the settings.json’s url to your server.(The following screenshots show the 3.6 version as an example, the 3.5 version is similar)

  • Then, when you build apk firstly, no need to check isRemote. and the bundle Inventory will be export as local bundle. Then it will be load as local bundle. Upload the settings.json in build path to your server

  • Then one day you want update the local bundle. You need to check the isRemote, and rebuild project again. Upload bundle and settings.json to your server.

The principle is to use the settings.json’s updating to redirect the bundle to be loaded

Is HotUpdate feature as is? might be you need it.

Yeah, I think thats what I required.
But it should be part of Bundle only, like Hot-Bundle

So I checked doc here
But it seems to support whole game, not any sub-directory inside Assets.