Can not publish game to Apple store not show Distribution App only show Distribution Content

Hello Everybody,
My game can not publish to apple store in Xcode because only show distribution content after click “Product” → “Archive”.
I try google search and setup “Skip install” to “No” in build settings but not affect.
Please help me i struggle in this problem one week.

I haven’t experienced this before.

I would suggest asking on Apple’s forums/mailing lists. Since you are paying for a developer membership you can use one of your “tech support incidents”.

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I have exprience many years with xcode and spritekit, other my project can publish normal.
i already buy membership.
I start try using cocos2d-x c++ but i meet this issue even i create new project cocos2d-x with this video guide:

i could build to device but i can not publish to itunes connect only display “Distribute Content” not “Distribute App”

That video guide isn’t an official Cocos video. I’m not sure how it differs from our materials.

You are using 3.17.x? Cmake?

Hello, Thank for your reply.
i am using V4.0 c++, Cmake

i checked your video Cocos2d-x 4.0, 4.x Mac iOS Setup - Game Development, iPhone & iPad Programming - YouTube.
i settup is the same. please help me

I am not sure how to help as I haven’t experienced this issue.

I will ask engineering to have a look.

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Hello, did you find any solution for me? i still can not publish to itunes connect even new project

these videos are not our videos. I don’t know if they are correct or not.

I asked engineering but honestly it might take them some time to research this. It is a problem we are not aware of.

Hello, while for waitting you checking. Could you send me correct guide how to setup project iOS Cocos2d-x C++ on Mac and could publish to itnues connect.
I will follow and try this.
Thank you

We dont have guidelines for publishing to iTunes Connect after building. We just have our install docs, it seems like you have that piece working. I’d suggest asking on an Xcode forum.

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