Can not make Xcode project for existing code base

So I’ve moved the project over to a Mac and I need to make a Xcode project, but it fails because it can’t get the Prefix.pch and I can’t find one in the files or downloading the latests Xcode 4.0 branch at setting up cocos on the Mac doesn’t have it either.
this is from running

cocos compile . -p ios

Building mode: debug

running: 'cmake .. -GXcode -DCMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME=iOS -DCMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT=iphonesimulator'


-- PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR:/Users/macbook/Documents/GitHub/OuilleCocos4

-- COCOS2DX_ROOT_PATH:/Users/macbook/Documents/GitHub/OuilleCocos4/cocos2d

-- CMAKE_MODULE_PATH:/Users/macbook/Documents/GitHub/OuilleCocos4/cocos2d/cmake/Modules/

-- PROJECT_BINARY_DIR:/Users/macbook/Documents/GitHub/OuilleCocos4/ios-build

-- ENGINE_BINARY_PATH:/Users/macbook/Documents/GitHub/OuilleCocos4/ios-build/engine

-- PYTHON_PATH:/usr/bin/python2

-- COCOS_COMMAND_PATH:/Users/macbook/Downloads/cocos2d-x-4.0/tools/cocos2d-console/bin/cocos



-- COCOS2DX_LUAJIT_ROOT:/Users/macbook/Downloads/cocos2d-x-4.0/tools/cocos2d-console/bin/../plugins/plugin_luacompile/bin

-- cocos_mark_code_files: cocos2d

-- cocos_mark_code_files: Ouille

-- Configuring done

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:191 (add_executable):

Cannot find source file:


Tried extensions .c .C .c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .cu .m .M .mm .h .hh .h++ .hm

.hpp .hxx .in .txx .f .F .for .f77 .f90 .f95 .f03 .ispc

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:191 (add_executable):

No SOURCES given to target: Ouille

CMake Generate step failed. Build files cannot be regenerated correctly.

Error running command, return code: 1.

any ideas?

The Prefix.pch file is part of the default template, so it should be part of any project you generate.

It’s strange that you didn’t find it when you looked for it, because it is where it’s supposed to be:

that is the file, but it wasn’t on my HDD. unzipping must have failed or something as that was the only missing file. Thank you.

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