Can not login with sdkboxplay on Android

Can not login with sdkboxplay on Android


I’m developing a game for Android and iOS and I’m using sdkbox with IAP and Game Center integration.

I don’t have much experience with Android development, so after integrating the sdkbox, every time when the main Activity is resumed the screen (as in the image attached) appears .
When I run other apps that support Achievements and Leaderboard, I never see this popup. How to disable it?

PopUp asking to sign in to iTunes Store on App start

Maybe this is related some how: PopUp asking to sign in to iTunes Store on App start


I’m not sure why, but the method onConnectionStatusChanged( int status ) has status always equal to sdkbox::GPS_DISCONNECTED. Can this be related to this popup?


@nite @yinjimmy can help us.


It seems that you have not logged in successfully.

did u call sdkbox::PluginSdkboxPlay::signin(); every time when app launch?

u can try:

                if (!sdkbox.PluginSdkboxPlay.isSignedIn()) {

plz checkout our sample


I’ve tried this way, it doesn’t work… because the login never succeeds.


so, you question is can not login with sdkboxplay, not disable the login ui.

did u check ?

Note: Google Play Games Services will use your release keystore by default


I was able to test Google Play Games after signing with the release keystore as you said.

Is there a possibility to test in debug?


It’s possible, you can build a release build locally and enable the logs.