Can not build creator_to_cocos2dx plugin

Can not build creator_to_cocos2dx plugin

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to use creator_to_cocos2dx plugin with cocos2d-x v3.17.2 and cocos creator v2.2.2.
My project is building using CMake with VS2019. I follow the guide (

I added package into creator, and generated files. Then I tried to build them with adding as subdirectory:

When I try to build it I have errors as on image. If I’ll add something like:
I will have other errors the same types.

Is anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I have compiled plugin with added sources into my project. It falls when trying to read exported file.

Does it project still alive?
Does cocos2d-x-lite has scene loading support from CC?
I’ll need to build complex scene, and it will uneasy to do it manually.

The creator_to_cocos2dx plugin has been EOL’d (dead) and works only with 1.9 Creator branch.

Cocos2dx-lite cannot be used on its own as it is only a runtime engine for Creator.

You can either use cocos2dx (c++) from code with some external scene editor or use Cocos Creator (javascript/typescript).

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Thank you. If this information would be in the documentation it may save many time for other users. Is there any plans to release entity-component-based and CocosCreator compatibility version of cocos?

As far as I know (I am not a Cocos staff member) Cocos2dx and Cocos Creator will merge one day, but that is still, probably years, far away.

There were projects that utilized ECS in Cocos2dx (dig the forum), but it does not natively support it.

If you really need ECS, you will have to implement it yourself in Cocos2dx or use Cocos Creator.

If you only need a scene editor, you can make your own, use a 3rd party editor (Tiled, for example) or even make a custom parser for Creator scenes.

@_dragon is correct and I created this PR: