Can I use Cocos2d-x in React Native project?

I am gonna make a simple game like tetris using React Native. And also, I found that Cocos2d-x is a good cross platform making game apps.
Is there any solution which I can use Cocos2d-x in React Native?

Thank you.

Try Ccocos Creator it is Cross-Platform and simple. You can also Interface with theDOM and Call JS from the CC Code

Thanks for your answer.
Could you please guide me workflow for that?
How to import Cocos in React Native?


I use it myself. WebView is the easiest option.

Do you have any simple code can be shared here?

Create your game in Cocos Creator, like code the game in it. Export it then as Web-Desktop or Web-Mobile and put the files in your project. And create the canvas. I can try to create a example project next week.

@Maufeat , Awesome!
If you can create an example how to use Cocos2dx game in React Native, I 'd be appreciate it.

Thank you very much!

Hi, @Maufeat
Hoping you are doing well.
Have you had a chance to create an example project?
You can follow this project